Saturday, December 04, 2010

Jada's First Report Card, My First Parent/Teacher Conference

Another rite of passage marking the fact that our baby girl is growing up: her first quarterly report card, and my first parent/teacher conference. She's really blossomed at Penn Alexander, and it particularly shows in her good scores related to reading, where she's taken one of her strengths (memory-assisted early recognition of letters and words) and built off of it to become a budding reader of sentences and books. Some other quick observations:

* One area of improvement that we can help her with is comprehending what is being read, as she might understand the words but not the overall narrative.

* Since she is a big sister, it was no surprise to me when her teacher said she can tend to be bossy at her table, wanting to make sure others are doing their task instead of worrying about doing her own task.

* She is apparently quite insightful, and has become one of her teacher's go-to students when she wants to ask a question that doesn't have an obvious answer.

Being the proud father, I was of course delighted to hear all of this. I gushed my gratitude to Jada's teacher, tucked the report card in my work bag, and headed off, hardly able to wait until later in the day when I could see Jada and also when I could tell her Mama about her performance so far.
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