Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Jada and Her Pals

Even though she's only been going to her new school and after-school program for less than three months, Jada's already made some bosom buddies. There's four of them - all girls - who she talks about all the time and draws pictures for and writes notes to. It's really kind of sweet to see them interact with each other, like little teeny-boppers, hugging and laughing and spinning and dancing.

I can tell I'm already losing my little girl a little bit. Friends become incredibly important as we go through childhood, and you can see how Jada is starting to pick this up. I mean, as much as she loves her brother, she competes with him; and as much as she loves Amy and me, we have to lay down the hammer sometimes for her own good. But friends, in her mind, are all fun all the time.

Since I am so future-oriented, I cannot help but think that, someday, she will find someone who she really thinks is the neatest thing. And they're going to get married and leave the flock and start their own little family. And I will always be really important to her, but my connection to her will become just one of many really important connections that make up the fullness of her life.

I pray for these other connections, because I love my little girl, and I want her to be happy, and I want her to be all she can be, and I want her to find friends and find a spouse who will help complete her. And I look forward to her being made happy in all of these ways. Although I have to think there will be a little bit of sadness too.

And as for Aaron? Oh Lord, please would somebody have mercy and take him. :)
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