Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dispatches from the Home Front - August 30

A bummer of a day for me, as I have caught a cold, so I feel lousy and I have to be careful around my mom lest I get her sick too. I take Jada and Auntie Mester to Children's Discovery Museum, where, predictably, Jada has an absolute blast, particularly enjoying playing with sand and making bubbles. We return home and Jada has an enormous lunch of chicken nuggets, banana bread, and strawberries. I do a last load of laundry, pack up for our trip, and nap fitfully while Jada plays and then watches movies. We do baths and dinner early, and then head over to my cousin's so Jada can play with their kids and dog. She doesn't want to leave, not with Legos and marble toys and shooting games beckoning. But go home we must.

Indeed, it is time to head home home, that is to say our home in Philadelphia. It was really good to see Mom. She's looking better - gained some weight, the color has returned to her skin, and her voice is stronger. My dad has established quite a care routine, particularly this week with their nurse on maternity leave until next month. While Jada and I got to do a lot of fun stuff around the house, I also wanted to make sure we saw lots of Mom. I only regret I was fighting a cold the whole time so never quite got comfortable and never did sleep well while I was there, which put a damper on the whole trip. But it was great to go, and I'll be scheming for when and how to get back soon.
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