Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dispatches from the Home Front - August 27

It feels good to not set your alarm clock for once. I wake up at 5 (8 East Coast time) and Jada wakes up an hour later. We both putter around until 7, when we go downstairs to see Ama. Agong is administering her morning feeding. We eat breakfast and then I socialize with my mom while Jada returns upstairs to watch a movie.

At 9:30, we head out for Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, which is simply a delight for Jada's age bracket. She revels in huge play areas, amusement rides, and goat petting. The roller coaster, which we waited 20 minutes for (by far the longest wait for anything), scared her silly, but she seemed fine not one minute later.

She fell asleep on the car ride home but only for a minute. After lunch, we retired to my bedroom and I fell asleep right away. Alas, it wasn't for long, not with Jada prodding me and chattering away. Yawning, we brought toys into Ama's room and spend the afternoon there, me and my mom chatting and Jada playing quietly and happily with blocks and ducks.

In the late afternoon, I took Jada on a mile and a half loop from our house to a nearby trail, which led to a park with four separate playground areas, all of which Jada tested in our hour there. Finally, I told her it was time to head home for dinner. I gave her a bath, fed her dinner, read her stories, and within minutes she was out for the night.

Once I knew she was asleep, I snuck out of the house to a local coffee shop to meet a couple of friends. We chatted until just about ten and then I headed home to get some shut-eye.
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