Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Developments on Development

Two developments in the sometimes-up, sometimes-down, always-exciting world that is parenting Aaron and Jada:

* Aaron made it a whole day at school wearing no diaper, just underwear. We're hoping that not wearing a diaper is just the prod Aaron needs to actual go pee in the toilet and not in place. Of course, we will have to contend with number two, and who knows when he will figure out how that works. But, one step at a time; and this was a big step for our little man.

* Jada is in full-blown Ophelia mode when it comes to her sensitivity about me complimenting Amy on her looks. In her head, I can only think that one of them is pretty, so when I make a big deal about Amy looking nice in a fancy dress, it must mean that I no longer think Jada is pretty, which is devastating for her. She was crushed to tears when I let out a big "wow" when Amy made a grand entrance in a pretty dress into the kitchen while we were all having breakfast, and it took several minutes and lots of strokes to get her to not feel so hurt. No matter how pretty someone is, if they don't feel pretty it doesn't matter, and so I can only hope that Jada will learn how to feel secure in herself before that kind of insecurity grounds her further.

All kids have their issues, and our two probably have a little more than most. So for these two frazzled and bewildered parents, we're a little up and a little down. But always excited.
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