Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pool Fun

Since I'm more of the temperament to go do stuff out and about, I'm usually the one doing crazy exploits with the kids while Amy tends to home stuff. But, since both of us are introverts, I need some alone time too, even if to do chores - the combination of cleaning and being alone in the house is marvelously soothing at this point in our lives. So it was nice for Amy to take the kids to her sister's to go swimming one morning this weekend. While I had some time to myself to go on a long run, eat a meal in peace, and get the kids' floor more organized, Amy had her hands full (see picture, I mean this literally!).

Swimming in the blazing heat made for sleepy kids on the way home, so nap time was in the car and not at home. For a kid, it's always a good summer day when you end up asleep in the car, isn't it?

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