Sunday, July 04, 2010


Because of some client work I'm doing on the waterfront, I scored an invite from the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation to a barbecue right next to the Philadelphia Orchestra's free concert at Penn's Landing last night. Amy and I left the kids at home with her parents, took the bus down to Penn's Landing, flashed our invite and got waved through, and stationed ourselves as close to the water as possible, even if it meant we couldn't see the stage.

For the next three hours, we enjoyed splendid weather, a great spread, incredible orchestral and voice performances, and gorgeous views of the river and the skyline. We saw Miss America, I shook hands with the Mayor as I was returning from the restroom, and I pointed out to Amy who else was in attendance from the Mayor's cabinet.

The highlight, of course, was the fireworks, which were launched from a barge right in front of us in the middle of the river, affording Amy and me front row seats to one of the nation's great Fourth of July pyrotechnic shows. The whole area was still buzzing after it was all over, adding to the general revelry of thousands of people spilling back out through Old City, inching our way through sidewalk cafes and others out and about on a steamy July evening. Dinner, concert, and fireworks: not a bad date night out for Amy and Lee.

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