Friday, June 11, 2010

This Boot Was Not Made for Walking

High ankle sprain injuries:
2007 - T. Owens, Dallas Cowboys (out 4-6 weeks)
2008 - B. Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles (out 2 weeks)
2010 - M. Leighton, Philadelphia Flyers (out 8-10 weeks)
2010 - I. Kinsler, Texas Rangers (out 1 week)
2010 - A. Huang, Team Huang (out 4-6 weeks)

That's right: Amy has to wear the protective boot into the month of July. She doesn't always have to use the crutches, so at least she's a little more mobile. And, thankfully, no break and no surgery. But it's still a little discouraging. We'll just have to work around this.
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