Monday, June 07, 2010

They Gave Amy the Boot, and - News Flash! - Jada Napped

After Saturday's packed schedule, I was anticipating a more mellow Sunday. It got mellower when Amy awoke with her sprained ankle looking more swollen and bruised than the night before, when we had decided at the time that no further medical attention was needed than rest, ice, compression, and elevation. So while the kids and I went to church, she took the bus to the emergency room and had it looked at.

A couple of hours later, Amy called me while we were still at church. No break, but definitely a sprain as well as some potential ligament damage. She said at first that she would take the bus home - aggregate walking required to and from closest pick-up and drop-off points on the 42 line is barely one block - but by the time they fitted her in a boot and gave her crutches, she reconsidered and requested a ride home.

We all lunched together and then Aaron saw his own way off to bed, accepting Amy's apologies that she could not carry him up to his room. Jada also retired to the third floor to draw, but then announced shortly thereafter that she needed to go poopie and made her way to the bathroom. I cleaned up in the kitchen as Amy and I discussed how we were going to tackle the week ahead given her new immobility.

Some 45 minutes after we broke from lunch, I went upstairs to check on the kids and discovered that Jada was still in the bathroom. Her constipation had come to a head, and she was tiring of sitting on the toilet but was still feeling the need to relieve herself. Thus began a long and arduous process, Jada wailing at times because of her discomfort and fatigue, and Amy making the painful journey up two flights of stairs to be with her baby.

Finally, some two plus hours after she had first entered the bathroom, she emerged, not completely relieved but done enough to be able to exit. She and I made a beeline for the purple room and promptly fell asleep.

I can't tell you when was the last non-car nap Jada has taken, it has been that long. But between yesterday's four-party day and all the straining in the bathroom, she was tuckered out. As was Aaron: his nap lasted three plus hours. Yesterday must have really taken the starch out of both of them.

We spent the rest of the day being really mellow: watching TV, hanging out, watering the garden. Aaron and Jada didn't know what to make of the big mass of bandages on their mommy's foot, but were thankfully by and large well-behaved and content. This week will certainly be interesting; this weekend certainly was.
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