Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Philly Girl

I suppose this was inevitable, but it still caught us by surprise. We're in the kitchen having dinner one day, and Jada says, "Can I have some wooter?" Amy and I look at each other, smile, look at Jada, and say, "'Wooter'" She says, "Yes, wooter." We reply, "You mean, 'water.'" She looks at us quizzically and says, "Yeah, wooter."

Accents are a funny thing. Here we have a Chinese girl being raised by a suburban Californian and a suburban New Jerseyite. And yet, she has mastered the quintessential pronunciation that marks a Philly person. Next, we will be hearing about how she roots for the "Iggles" and is excited to go "down ashore." Sigh. Pass me a "wooter ice."
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