Friday, June 18, 2010

Status Report on Jada

Earlier this week, I took off on my bike from work in the mid-afternoon and headed over to Jada's school for a parent-teacher conference. Lasting only 15 minutes, we covered where Jada is on all of the different development categories. Here's a brief status report:

* She is social, enthusiastic, and plays well with others, although is sometimes prone to bossing people around. (Typical big sister behavior.)

* She is improving vastly on comprehension and communication. She can receive instructions and run with them, she can make inferences from stories she's never heard before, and her verbals are pretty good, especially when you account for her growing vocabulary. In other words, whereas she was about a year behind a year ago, maybe she's only three to six months behind now.

* Her reading and writing skills are described as "emerging." That is, she knows what she's memorized, and has masted most of the easy and common words, and every once in a while can sound out a more complicated word, but the rest is to come.

* She is likely to do well in the more structured environment of kindergarten, since she aims to please, likes organized activities, and is a sponge.

With our tenure at the Caring Center coming to an end for Jada, and with Aaron about to jump in, we're happy with how the past nine months have gone for Jada, and looking forward to seeing how Aaron will grow there. And, looking forward to seeing how Jada will do at Penn Alexander. My, our kids are growing up right before our eyes.
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