Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Once, Aaron and Jada Not at the Center of Attention This Time

Since their arrival, Aaron and Jada have become the center of the swirl that is our world, particularly toasted by Amy's family, who, by dint of living less than an hour away and of being exceptionally generous, lavish the two with attention and affection. So when we get together with them all this coming weekend, it will be somewhat of an anomaly that Aaron and Jada will be among the minority in our gathering who are not being honored. After all, the reason for coming together is their cousin Nathan's first birthday, which just as much in honor of their aunt Nicol, mother of Nathan. It's also the birthday weekend of their grandmother, Amy's mom. And, of course, it's Father's Day weekend, which means me, their Uncle Matt, and Granddad get a toast, too. That's six honorees, and only Aaron, Jada, and Amy not having anything special. No matter: Aaron and Jada have had their turn before, and they'll have it again soon enough, and I'm sure they'll be plenty fine saying huzzah to everyone else this time.
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