Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gotcha Week

Jada's Gotcha Day, October 10, is seared into our heads. She was, after all, our first child, the date of meeting her fraught with so much emotion and meaning. And "10/10" is easy to remember.

Aaron's Gotcha Day is harder to pinpoint. Is it June 1, when he arrived on US soil with my parents? June 5, when Amy flew out to California to get him? June 9, when he landed in Philadelphia late and night and I got to meet him? Or June 10, when Jada connected with him for the first time the morning after and we officially became a foursome?

We recognize it mostly as June 9, even though the gotchas are spread out over a week and change. So, whichever day it was, Happy Gotcha Day to our little man and what a whirlwind three years it's been since he arrived!
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