Monday, March 08, 2010

Potty Update

For some, this post may veer severely into the realm of "too much information." And yet some inquiring minds want to know: how's potty training going? Well, intrepid readers, this is your update.

Jada is completely potty trained: no diaper at night, no treat every time she goes poopie. The transition on both was surprisingly smooth: we just treated it like it was no big deal, that it was what you do when you're now five years old. And she rolled with it.

Aaron is getting very good at going number one when he needs to. So because he can go on his own, we've taken to putting him in a pull-up diaper when he's at home during the day, and he wears only pull-up diapers when he's at school. The problem is that pull-up diapers don't cover very well, especially if he's been sloppy in pulling it all the way back up; so when he goes number two, we have a mess that Amy and I have affectionately now begun calling a "code brown." Which means lots of cleaning for Amy, and both of us muttering about why he can go number one so easily in his potty but refuses to go number two anywhere but into his own diaper. Hence, the dilemma: put a regular diaper on and avoid the mess but then have to deal with taking it off and putting it back on every time he needs to go number one (which is often), or put a pull-up diaper on and not have to worry about his number one trips but be susceptible to a "code brown." This too, I know, will pass; but for now, we are all cleaned out.
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