Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lot More Alphabet Sounds to Go

Given Jada's amazing memory, she had her alphabet down by age 23 months. It was quite remarkable to see this little peanut clearly say each letter as I flashed it in front of her.

Since then, she has mastered the sounds each letter makes. And yet reading is still very far away. Forget about sounding out words: let's start with the bewildering number of two-letter combinations at the beginning of words. Bl-, br-, ch-, cl-, cr-, and so on and so on. There are probably more than 26 of those.

So now when Jada asks, "What does 'tree' start with," I don't just say, "T," I say "T-R," and then we proceed to go over some good "TR" words, like "trick or treat," and "truck," and "training wheels."

But this seems like it will take quite a while to stick in her head. And, even after we've mastered all of those, there's the small matter of sounding out the rest of words besides the first parts of them. Boy, learning to read is hard!
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