Monday, January 18, 2010

He Got Cold Feet Because I Didn't

At the risk of having DHS called to my house, I'm doubling down on my commitment to teaching Aaron about consequences. Perhaps because of his delays or perhaps because of just being plain stubborn, what many kids learn as early as 18 months - I do Behavior A, I receive Punishment B in response, I better not do Behavior A any more - Aaron still hasn't quite gotten yet. They say you just keep on doling out the discipline, and at some point, they learn, and yet.

So when, in protest, Aaron threw his socks and shoes off when I was driving him and Jada home from school, I decided to let him face the consequences of his decision. I carried him up the first set of steps to our house but dropped him to the ground in front of the second set of steps. Bare feet, meet cold concrete. He howled immediately, and I did a three-count before carrying him up to the porch; still cold, but wood and not stone.

Parents out there: too far? Not far enough? Alas, disciplining will continue. But maybe he will remember this one. Cold feet may be hard for him to easily forget. I think I'm glad that, when faced with a decision about whether or not to let Aaron face the music, I didn't get cold feet.
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