Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie of the Week

Amy has quite enjoyed her Netflix subscription, since she has many chores that lend themselves to watching something in the background, and many TV shows she never got to see when they were on the air. But lately, we've been glad for the subscription for the benefit it provides our kids. For Amy has ingeniously queued up an animated movie to arrive each weekend. Ratatouille got heavy rotation last weekend since neither of us were feeling well and the weather was lousy, so we were inside a lot and in need of killing time.

But even on busy weekends when we're out and about, it's nice for the kids to have a few pockets of time each weekend to plow through a movie once or twice over the course of a weekend. They've particularly enjoyed some of the classics: 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Aristocats. At the end of the weekend, the disc is back in the mail, leaving plenty of time for the one next in line to arrive by the next weekend. Well played, Amy.
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