Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jada's Quirks

For all of the eye-rolling and venting Aaron causes us, it is Jada we are really worried about. She is far further behind on her verbals than Aaron is, and with kindergarten looming, we're hoping her new pre-school can help get her caught up.

But it is other, more sensory sorts of things that cause us dismay and concern. I won't go into detail, lest I post our little girl's worst phobias for all the world to see. But it's clear she's got issues.

What a precious little girl she is: very pretty, with a high-voltage charisma and an irrepressible zest for life. In some regards, she is supremely gifted. And yet, in others, she is confusingly baby-like.

Even if you know us well, you can be forgiven for finding my worries needlessly unfounded; after all, if you don't live with Jada or spend lots of time with her, you might not pick up anything out of the ordinary. But we do, and we love our little star, and are doing our best to love her through her confounding quirks.
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