Saturday, September 12, 2009

Forever Sounds like Four 9’s

Earlier this week was September 9, or 9/9/09, an auspicious date in the Chinese-speaking world. Because the number 9 in Mandarin sounds similar to the word “forever,” September 9 is a particularly popular day to get married, 9/9/09 even more so.

I’ll do it one better. Ten years ago, I proposed to Amy on September 9, or 9/9/99. Four 9’s is as good as it gets for the next 100 years. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say, “How does ‘forever’ sound,” when I proposed – in fact, I’m pretty sure I butchered whatever I did say – but the sentiment of “forever” was there nonetheless.

And, ten years later, through thick and not a little thin, for better and not a little worse, we’re still together. I’m not sure I would wish for anyone else or even for ourselves what we have had to bear during that time; but I am sure, though I don’t know all of the “why,” that God has meant it for good. Happy “anniversary of being engaged” to my beb, and here’s to “forever” more years of being together.
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