Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaron's Crib

Well, it looks like our transition from crib to big boy bed is involuntarily underway. Now home from the beach and no longer sharing a room with his beloved big sister, Aaron has been back to his terrible self at night, refusing to be left alone at bedtime, throwing his pacifier in protest, and then screaming his lungs out to get it back. Our usual MO is to let him twist in the wind a little and then get his pacifier for him, although sometimes we don't go back in and just let him gut it out.

One night, a fated attempt to shimmy his way out of his crib ended up with him busting one of the four rails off. We tried in vain to pop it back on, and have decided instead to let it be. So now he has a crib with three walls, and we'll see how he does with his new-found ability to get in and out on his own. Given his love of sleep, methinks this works out in his favor; if he needs something or drops something, he can go get it himself and get back in himself. And so our journey to pain-free evenings continues.
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