Monday, August 17, 2009

Mean Goose (Part Two)

A few months after Aaron had an encounter with a mean goose, Jada had her own. We went with friends of ours to a park in San Jose that I remember from my childhood for feeding ducks and geese. I found out later there are signs there now that say you shouldn't do this because it leads to lots of poop and aggressive birds.

But when we arrived, we were not aware of such a limitation. So, bagel in hand, Jada headed toward a gathering of geese at the other end of a big lawn. But when they saw her bearing food, they stormed at her. Jada, frightened out of her wits, dropped the bagel and ran into my arms.

It took a half an hour and a side trip to the grocery store to calm her down, all the while me telling her she did the right thing in running to me, and me second-guessing putting her in that position. No matter: by the time we returned from our errand to get her some distance from the situation, she wanted right back in on the feeding. That's where this video comes in.

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