Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mama's Boy

For all the rolling of eyes and out and out complaining Amy and I do about the little terror in our house named Aaron, we both know he is a lover at heart. This week reminded us of his capability for sweetness. After many weeks of Amy frantically studying for a very difficult pathophysiology class, we decided to have Aaron home from day care earlier this week. So Aaron tagged along on all of Amy's errands and even got to do a few just-for-kids things, like putter around the Art Museum near the Fairmount Water Works area.

His glow over having so much Mama time quickly faded when Jada and I returned from work and school; as soon as he saw us enter the kitchen, where he was eating dinner, he started crying! As dinner ended, Jada darted upstairs to watch TV, and Amy asked Aaron, "Do you want to go upstairs and watch TV with her sister, or stay down here and wash the dishes with me?" Aaron timidly said, "I want to wash the dishes."

Hmmm . . . watch TV or wash the dishes, and the boy chooses the dishes. It was sweet to behold.
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