Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's good for a family to have some moments together. So it was nice to conclude a long week of school and work on Friday by heading over to the neighborhood diner for a dinner in celebration of Amy's birthday. Jada and Aaron ate well, and why wouldn't they when the kids' menu included such treats as chicken strips and chocolate pancakes. Even Amy and I enjoyed our fare, which is saying a lot since let's just say the place isn't known for its cuisine. Hey, the place may have so-so food and so-so ambience, but it's our diner, so it was nice to just feel at home there.

Speaking of making ourselves at home, neither Amy nor I remembered to bring diapers, and let's just say Aaron needed some freshening up. We decided to take him to the bathroom, wipe him up real good, and let him go commando for the rest of the meal; and we had no other such worries from then on out.

We topped things off by all having at a huge piece of strawberry shortcake. Not a bad way for this family to wind down the week and celebrate a milestone.
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