Monday, August 17, 2009

Children's Discovery Museum

A nice perk of our membership at the Please Touch Museum is that our card gets us into other such places around the country. So of course I had to tap into this free resource when we were in San Jose. So the first morning we were in town, we headed downtown to the Children's Discovery Museum

We're a bit spoiled in Philly given how magnificent the Please Touch Museum is, but the Children's Discovery Museum is no slouch. Great exhibits, very fun for the kids, and multiple ways to get wet, which apparently is important to Aaron and Jada.

I happened to notice how many exhibits were geared towards some educational theme, whether the geometry of circles or the science behind bubbles; contrast that to the Please Touch Museum, where the overriding consideration is the importance of play in childhood development. Leave it to Silicon Valley to do its part to produce high achievers.

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