Monday, July 20, 2009

Please Pray - Car Accident

My mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law were in a car accident yesterday. [details hidden]

That is all I know as of right now, after talking to my brother-in-law and to the nurse who is taking care of my mom. Please pray as Amy and I have been since we heard, for everyone's healing and for everyone to be able to calm down after what must have been a frightening and traumatic experience.

And, ultimately, that God would be glorified, and make something positive out of this mess. It shouldn't take disasters like this, but often it does, to reorient our perspective on what's really important. My thoughts heading into today were about meetings at work and how to fix a newly leaking toilet and whether or not Aaron and Jada would be as beastly as they had been all weekend. My thoughts and prayers are now about my family, that they would be healed, and that, as in every situation, God would make good. I believe that to my core, and am asking for eyes and ears and heart and faith to see it play out.
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