Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Philadelphia

A rain-soaked June has been followed by a perfect July so far: warm but not hot, and pleasantly unhumid. Last weekend, we weren't outside much, so we figured to make up for it this weekend.

And boy did we ever. The morning had us jaunting to some of our favorite places, like Franklin Square, Chinatown, and the Comcast Center, with some nice bonuses thrown in, like the free ice cream samples at Reading Terminal Market or the picturesque scenes around City Hall and Love Park. And the afternoon brought dear friends of ours from Cincinnati, with whom we meandered through the Penn campus en route to dinner at an outdoor cafe and copious feedings of bird and squirrels afterwards.

(As an aside, the bird and squirrel feeding on the Penn campus is fast becoming one of our favorite things to do as a family. Yesterday, Amy was finally able to free herself from the kids, who seemed to want to chase the animals more than feed them, and steal off to the side and get a squirrel to take a piece of cracker right out of her hand. The glee with which she announced this to me when she returned from this little side excursion was priceless.)

My quintessential image from the beautiful day that was yesterday was pushing the kids down the street, with the balloons they had obtained from a free financial literacy expo we popped in on flapping in the wind, the bright orange and blue framed by a gorgeous light blue sky. Kids laughing, sun shining, and me snatching as much video as I could along the way to capture it all.

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