Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Super Soaker

We've decided to keep Aaron home from day care here and there, to give him some mommy time. Yesterday was one of those days, so it was just me and Jada heading out the door in the morning. The skies were ominous, so Amy gave Jada a raincoat and I took an umbrella.

If you live around here and remember what happened at around 8ish, you know what happened next. Ominous skies turned into sprinkles, which turned into harder rain, which turned into a downpour, which turned into a torrent. And then the skies really opened up.

So I went from thinking how cute it was to walk to school with my daughter, to thinking how sweet it was to have her cling to me instead on account of the soft rumbles of thunder, to thinking about how fast I could get her to school and me to work while not getting too wet, to thinking about how such a thought was now going to be a lost cause.

The good news was that Jada had a change of clothes at school. The bad news was that I don't usually have a change of clothes at work. In fact, I was so wet I had to take my pants and socks off in the bathroom and wring them out. Mercifully, I didn't have any meetings until late morning, so while I put my damp pants back on, I could air out my socks behind my office door and go barefoot for a few hours.

As for Jada, she seemed none the worse for the potentially terrifying storm. The bright lightning bolts and angry thunder claps seemed to scare her but not traumatize her. By the time I picked her up in the evening, it was as if it was like any other day. Of course, rain threatened once again by that hour, so you'll excuse me for frantically speed-walking us home: one soaking a day is plenty for me.
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