Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Aaron

Hard to believe that night me and Granddad went to the airport to pick up you, Mama, and Nina and bring you home was two years ago. What a whirlwind it must have been for you, to fly halfway across the world, spend a week at Agong and Ama's, meet Mama and Nina in California, then me and Granddad, and finally your sister the next morning.

You ate constantly and slept in three hour increments around the clock until we banished you to your own room and left you to cry it out, which you did, since at that point you needed the sleep more than the food. A tantrum is never too far away with you, but you're learning to take turns and wait and listen to your parents; you've even learned how to play and share with your sister, even though she delights in teasing, tormenting, and bullying you. You have more words now, as well as a sweet disposition at times; O that we'd see the sweetness more and the grumpiness less.

I wish many things for you - continued social and physical development, improvement in the speech and behavior issues where we're getting you help, good relationships with friends and with your sister - but most of all that you'll learn over time what it means that God made you and walks with you every step. One of your namesakes in the Bible had his not-so-great moments, but ultimately he is remembered as a high priest, one whose life consisted of consecrated service. Whatever your life's vocation and leisure pursuits, may you too be consecrated for service. This I pray for you my son. Love,

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