Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Morning Routines

Normally, you would think I would be sour on one of my children playing video games first thing in the morning. After all, in my uppity workaholic way, I frown on such mindless leisure for people of all ages.

But I'm pleased that Jada is getting into this game Amy bought for her a few months back, which has a keyboard and a mouse, and a cartridge system you plug right into your TV. There are a number of games on each cartridge, all of which involve Jada manipulating the mouse or typing something on the keyboard. Since Jada struggles mightily with communication, it is somewhat of a revelation for me that she can listen to verbal instructions and pick up visual cues, and respond correctly, whether knowing which letter to move her mouse to or dragging the bag of food over to the dog bowl when prompted.

Thankfully on a number of fronts, after a week of early rising, Aaron is back to his sleepy self, silent until all the way up to 7 many mornings this week. (Not coincidentally, he's in a much better mood this week, as are the rest of us as a result.) Which gives Jada unfettered access to her game before then, an important consideration since Aaron refuses to accept the fact that he's not allowed to play this game yet, and so really the only time Jada can play it is when Aaron's not around.

In short, I'm quiet pleased with these new morning routines. I'll just be keeping my eye out to make sure Jada doesn't graduate directly to Grand Theft Auto.
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