Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Huang Family Newsletter, June 2009

Work - Lee made yet another quick visit to the US Virgin Islands to present to their governor, and also did a couple of day trips to Baltimore as a part of a study on the economic impact of panhandling. Amy continues to slog through a very difficult physiology class for her nurse practitioner's license. The house is now abuzz with several home improvement projects, and Amy has made substantial progress on our postage stamp-sized garden in the front of our house.

Play - We celebrated many milestones this month, including Aaron's Gotcha Day, Mom K's birthday, Father's Day, and of course the arrival of Jada and Aaron's first cousin, Nathan. Despite many runs to the home improvement store (see above), the kids still got to hit their familiar haunts (Please Touch Museum, zoo) as well as a few special ones (Longwood Gardens, Odunde).
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