Monday, June 15, 2009

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Jada so wants a cat. Amy's allergic, I'm not a big fan of cats, and the kids are more than plenty for us to take care of, so we're not getting one any time soon.

Thankfully, we have something even better: there's a cat who lives on the second floor apartment of the house right next to us (literally, the house that is connected to ours, since ours is a duplex). He seems to spend most of his waking hours either on the sill of the front bay window or on the roof right outside that window, which allows Jada to peek in on it from her own perch on the sill of our front bay window.

It's not like Jada actually wants to play with the cat, just look at it. So, again, this works out well for us: none of the hassles of owning a cat, and yet our little one is happy to have one to look at many times a day.
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