Sunday, April 05, 2009

Was it the Please Touch Museum or the Zoo

The kids had been twice already to the Please Touch Museum, but I hadn't yet. And none of us had been during the weekend. A friend of mine who's also a member warned me it was a bit of a madhouse, so I decided to get there as early as possible. In fact, we were the first ones in! No crowd when that's the case.

For the first hour or so, it was fairly light, giving us lots of room to roam. Not that you can't feel that kind of freedom anyway: compared to the old site, the new museum is extraordinarily expansive. It was fun to just watch the kids play, without having to yell at them about not touching something they shouldn't touch. (Although I did have to yell at each of them plenty when they started veering off in different directions.)

Aaron managed to split his lip open in one of the "safe for 3 and under" areas, which made for a bloody mess but didn't deter his desire to squeeze out as much fun as possible. Since this was Jada's third time going, there wasn't as much excitement, but you could still tell she was having a blast and wanting to stay longer.

The kids were largely well-behaved, which was a relief, since I was flying solo on account of Amy having a prior social engagement. The carousel and the water exhibit seemed to be the favorites of the day. When we finally left, I think the fact that they've been three times now in quick succession helped them understand that soon enough, we'd be back here again.

Indeed, I'm sure we will. On weekends, you'd often find us at the zoo; and, we'll still go a fair amount. But now, even if it's a zoo, you'll also find us at Please Touch.

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