Sunday, April 05, 2009

Number One and a Smoothie . . . and Two More Things

Yesterday found us where we often are on a Saturday afternoon: at the Reading Terminal Market ordering a number one at Sang Kee and a pink smoothie from Nanee's Kitchen. Any change goes in the piggy bank in the middle of the market for programs for the homeless, and the kids invariably pester me for a soft pretzel (and I invariably give in).

There's a nice rhythm to our routine. Yesterday, we enjoyed a couple of add-ons. Afterwards, I took everyone to the Asian Arts Initiative's new site on 12th and Vine, where we took in some photos from their "Chinatown Lives" book. One of the featured oral histories is from a friend of ours, so that was an extra cool unexpected bonus.

On our way back to the subway station, I decided we should pop into the Macy's across the street; I had on my calendar that they were going to have a flower show exhibit starting the next day, but figured maybe they had set it up already. Indeed they had, and the kids got a big kick out of seeing so many ornate floral displays: flamingos made out of carnations, elaborate centerpieces, and vivid colors. They took my command to "don't touch, but you can smell" seriously, practically burying their heads into the bouquets to inhale as much of the fragrance as they could.

It's always nice to have a routine. And even nicer to serendipitously add fun diversions to it.
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