Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tricks and Treats for the Birds

It's not uncommon to find us at the zoo on a Saturday morning, even when the weather is foul; and it's not uncommon to find us hitting the rare animal exhibit first, especially if the weather is foul (since it is an indoor exhibit). And yet, we were treated to a first yesterday morning at that exhibit: the zookeeper tending to the two birds on the far left of the building put on an impressive little show, walking the birds through twirls and jumps and bobs.

After each little trick, they got a little treat. And I could not help but think that training little kids isn't that much different. Reward good behavior, ignore or punish bad behavior, and eventually they will learn. Aaron's and Jada's tricks and treats are different from birds', as well as from each other's; and they will change over time. But fundamentally, it's about the same concept. Let's hope they learn all the tricks before Amy and I run out of treats!
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