Monday, April 13, 2009

Girl Talk

Usually, when Jada wakes up in the morning and heads upstairs, it's to watch TV. Maybe she'll give me a hug along the way, although sometimes she hardly gives me a glance.

But sometimes, she'll make a beeline into the bedroom and snuggle with her Mama. Amy loves these times because the two of them will just gab and gab and gab. She's heartened at Jada's use of words, since Jada's still behind and it's good to see her catching up. But she's also heartened because she knows Jada likes being in bed with her Mama, talking and snuggling and just being together.

Yesterday morning, Amy yelled out to me to see if I wanted in on the gab fest. I yelled back: "No! Girls only!" Let that be their special time together. Me and Aaron, we'll, um, watch TV and grunt and fart over in the living room.
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