Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Sesame

Because both our kids get special services, we scored enough tickets to Sesame Place's pre-season gathering to bring friends of ours who have two small children too. We couldn't have picked a better weather day for a day at the water park: 90 degrees!

The kids were cranky at times on account of the hot temps, big crowds, and no naps, but there was more than enough crazily fun stuff to keep them happy. The adults had a little fun, too.

Even better, one of the big areas was closed, so we can redeem our stubs for a second visit. As crowded as it was, and again this was before the park officially opens for the year, we're going to try to scheme our return trip to be a weekday one. Until then, we'll have the memories, the footage, and the sunburn.

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