Saturday, March 14, 2009

Somebody's Growing

Springing forward an hour last weekend has thrown off our carefully calibrating schedule around here. Four of the five mornings this week, Jada hasn't woken up until after 7a, which means we're usually not to day care until well past 8a, which means (because we get 10 hours there, and I need every single one of them to get everything done at work) we're usually not home from day care until almost 7p.

In fact, the one morning this week we actually got to day care at the usual time in the morning and therefore I picked the kids up at the usual time in the evening, I stopped by a work-related meeting on the way home, so we got home just as late that day. Hopefully, we can get this all recalibrated this weekend.

But I think another thing that is going on is that Jada is growing. She goes through these little phases where her appetite for food and sleep spikes up, and we seem to be in one now. So we'll just keep doing what we can to get her that food and sleep.
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