Saturday, March 14, 2009

Social Studies

I have not heard anything from Jada's day care workers but that she is pleasant with her classmates. But when I drop her off, I don't see her initiate with her friends, preferring to remain silent even if they approach her in a friendly manner. And when I pick her up, she is even stonier; friends will walk by and say "bye" and she won't even acknowledge them.

I have tried to correct her, to tell her this is not nice, to give her words to say to her friends. But as I have pushed, she has withdrawn even more.

Amy has encouraged me not to press, to give the instruction once and then drop it. And she is probably right. But it pains me to see Jada be downright mean, if not in inward intention than in outward action, to her friends, especially when they are being so pleasant and patient with her. The whole good thing about day care is learning how social interactions work. But instead of that necessary socialization Jada is often withdrawn and sullen.

I'm sure this week's emotional distance was on account of her being tired, maybe not feeling well, definitely because of not having as many words and not being able to think of them fast enough in social settings. So I know I need to go easy on her, and give her room to grow into these sets of skills. But it's still hard to see.
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