Friday, March 06, 2009

Less Oases

Because I am both busy and introverted, little oases throughout the week mean all the more to me. I currently have 16 possible oases a week. Each morning, between exercising and getting the kids up, I might have 15 to 60 minutes to check email, blog, and catch up on sports and news. Each evening, after the kids are in bed, I can sink into my bed for a good hour with a good book or a business magazine. And weekend afternoons, I may have one or two hours to catch up on errands, tidy up, or even relax.

I don't always get all 16 each week, but I try not to give up too many. But for the past few days, I've been a bit parched. I worked right through several pockets this weekend and into early this week, finishing up taxes and updating financial matters. Two nights this week, I've had church gatherings - our monthly leadership team meeting and our twice-a-month couples' small group meeting - that go long enough to infringe on both my evening as well prevent me from waking up early enough the morning after. And right smack dab in the middle of all this, Jada was a wreck one evening on account of a current bout of sadness.

In other words, over half my oases were shot this week. Thankfully, the taxes are done, there are no weekend house projects any more complicated than replacing a light bulb, and Jada now appears to be back to her normal self at bedtime. So I'm looking forward to a much-needed recharge of my emotional batteries.
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