Saturday, February 07, 2009

Virtuous Jada

Can you imagine a child who sticks his hand in the cookie jar and only
takes out the number of cookies he's allowed and no more? Or a child
who gives up a favorite toy so her sibling, who has become attached to
it, can hold it overnight? It turns out our scheming Jada is more
virtuous than we give her credit for. On more than one occasion,
after pooping, instead of waiting for us to give her the two gummy
bears she gets for pooping in the toilet, she's helped herself, always
taking two and only two. And last night, I couldn't find a Little
Mermaid wand that belonged to Jada but that Aaron had gotten into the
habit of sleeping with; and as I brought Aaron upstairs, Jada
hurriedly tracked down the toy, raced upstairs with it, and handed it
to Aaron. What a good little girl!
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