Thursday, February 05, 2009


Particularly because both of our kids have speech problems, we've been encouraged to talk a lot.  Conversation, obviously, is how one learns conversation: the back and forth nuances of it, specific vocabulary words, sentence structure, inflections.  The more "reps" our kids get in, the more likely they are to catch up.  We understand this loud and clear.

But it is tiring for us two introverts.  Both of us are very internalized about our thinking, and both of us need times of silence to recharge.  So it's tiring to be constantly narrating, instructing, listening.  Last weekend, when Aaron's special instructor came to our house for our weekly session, we tried really hard to follow all of her cues and engage as she was engaging; and after barely one hour, we had exhausted ourselves for the entire day.

So we'll keep plugging away, for the sake of our kids.  But if you see us stealing a moment for quietness, you no longer need to scratch your head and wonder what's up; it's just us recharging ourselves for another push to be extroverted.
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