Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toys are Good

A lot of times you hear from parents that their kids have too many
kids, and/or that they're more into the packaging than the toy itself.
Well, we probably do have too many toys, but each new one Jada gets
she certainly gets her money's worth out of.

Her tastes definitely go beyond shiny paper and cardboard boxes. A
set of princess costumes from her Uncle Matt and Aunt Nicol have been
worn through incessantly. And it's not uncommon for her to wake up in
the morning and say no to TV and yes to brushing the hair of the new
pony figurines her Granddad and Nina bought her.

Watching her play with her girlie toys, I'm reminded that she's not
even four years old. Yes, we have some important grown-up issues to
work on with her. But sometimes it's good to just let a little girl
be a little girl.

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