Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jada's Nest

Jada's strange sleep habits have been well-documented in this space:
lights on, blankets wrapped around her head, an increasing number of
random items squirreled away nearby. It's all very humorous, although
also poignant: such behaviors are consistent with one who has
experienced severe sensory deprivation in their earliest days, as Jada

Her new twist on all of this is to sit in the middle of her bed and
peel her covers towards her from all sides, rather than either
sleeping under them or on top of them. Amy says the end result
resembles a nest, which hearkens me back to how much Jada enjoyed her
old crib; maybe she's trying to recreate the same sense of enclosure
and safety. "Nest" is an apt descriptor, I suppose, for Jada to me is
often a strange bird. How we love her.

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