Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Same Fight

Every evening, when I pick up the kids at day care, Aaron and I get
into the same fight. He goes to the drinking fountain, apparently to
catch up on a week's worth of drinking, and finally I pick up him from
off the step stool and tell him it's time to go home. To which he
responds with resistance and finally a full-blown tantrum. Which I
would normally let him do but it can hurt his head if he falls out on
the hard floor. So instead he tantrums while I slowly lower him down
onto the floor. And then I can ignore him.

I extend the pacifier as a peace offering. He throws it down in
protest. I offer it again. Again, he throws it down. I wrestle him
into his jacket. Now he's begging for his pacifier. I offer it a
third time. He takes it, and instantly the wails stop. He obediently
allows me to go on with the rest of putting his stuff on and getting
him buckled into the stroller.

Meanwhile, Jada has her own routines. But those will have to wait for
another day. At this point, I'm just glad Aaron has calmed himself
down and is ready to go. But how long will we fight this same fight?

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