Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Health Updates Galore

This week, Amy flew solo on a trio of health-related appointments.
Aaron stayed home on Monday for a developmental evaluation, and was
found to be only slightly behind on verbals, although in need of extra
help on the social and emotional fronts. The kid surprised both of us
with his understanding of words and his newfound ability to repeat

That afternoon, I came home early to stay home with Aaron while Amy
took Jada to a speech therapy session. Jada jumped up from below
average to average on her vocab, and didn't score too bad on other
indicators, although it's clear conversation is still a struggle for
her, so the therapist said she'd try to game the report so we could
more help than the scores indicated.

This morning, Amy took Aaron to get tubes for his ears. Everyone was
a little discombobulated on the way out, as we had to keep food and
drink away from Aaron pre-surgery, and Jada found it odd that she and
I were getting dropped off at day care by car instead of walking. The
surgery itself was smooth, but the anesthesia made Aaron very cranky
afterwards, and of course, more drama ensued when Aaron got his finger
caught in the door. Thankfully, Amy's dad came over later that
morning to spell Amy. And thankfully, Aaron's crankiness gave way to
a 3-hour nap.

Still, all of this has been a lot for Amy to bear. So if you see me
tooling around this long weekend with the two kids solo, you'll know
it's to give Amy some much needed discretionary time to catch her
breath, work off some personal to-do's, and hit the books.

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