Monday, November 24, 2008

Aaron's Social Security Number is . . .

Not going to be posted on a public website, of course. But we do have
it now. Amy took the kids to the local Social Security office last
Wednesday, waited in line for a short spell, and then had to contend
with juggling instructions from the person at the counter and our two
kids running amok in the reception area. But she got it through. And
three business days later, we got his card in the mail.

So now we can set up a 529 account to start saving up for college.
Thankfully, the starting point of his college savings is at a trough
in the markets (the stock market can only go up from here, right?);
Jada's savings will have taken a downward slide in her early years,
albeit with many more years to go to recover. The important thing is
that we're starting early . . . and that we're willing to work as
groundskeepers and maids if we don't quite tuck away enough!

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