Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

With me schlepping Jada to the Phillies' championship parade and Amy battling illness and Aaron all day, the start of the neighborhood Halloween parade came and neither of us were feeling it. But we decided to power through, and were glad we did. The parade itself was blah, although I got a kick out of police stopping traffic on Baltimore Avenue to allow us to cross, forever endearing us to two directions' worth of drivers already frayed from hitting obstacles all day as a result of the championship parade.

We made out pretty good on candy along the way, saw some old friends, and then dropped off our stuff at home en route to our friends' house for dinner. Aaron found himself a new friend - a kid from our church who is of similar age and temperament - so he was in good spirits. Jada enjoyed giving candy to trick-or-treaters. And Amy and I were glad for the company of adults who know what it's like to live with kids. Of course, after a too-full day of fun and stimulation, Jada was a beast getting down to bed. But we have candy and pictures and videos to savor after a fun-filled Halloween.

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