Thursday, November 13, 2008

Four Free Mornings

In three-plus years of parenting, I have been able to sleep in a total
of three times. Each summer, we spend a week in Ocean City with Amy's
family, and I come back to Philadelphia for two days and one night, to
conserve vacation days and to have one night and morning to myself
without the kids. Even then, I can't really sleep in; since I need to
get at least eight hours in and want to get back to Ocean City before
bedtime, I usually can't stray too far past when I usually get up.
But the freedom to not have to deal with the kids' morning routines
more than makes up for it.

So it was an unprecedented luxury to go to LA for four days for a
conference and thus have four straight mornings to myself. Two of the
mornings I arose relatively early and went for runs, and the other two
mornings I arose relatively late and basked in the extra sleep. By
the end of the conference, I was ready to go home and was pining for
Amy and the kids; but I certainly didn't begrudge having four free
mornings to work with.

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