Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Ragged Week

It's been a bit of a ragged week in the Huang household. Aaron's
largely over his cold, so is surprisingly sunny; but Jada is still a
little sick, and her continued refusal to take a nap has caused her to
become increasingly sassy and irritable. Not a great combination for
two parents who are now both full-blown sick and very weary.

Needless to say, we haven't sailed through the week as much as
whimpered along. Neither Amy nor I have had much in the tank for each
other or the kids, which makes them all the crankier. Jada has had
countless emotional meltdowns. Poop has had to be picked up from and
cleaned off of places it shouldn't be in the first place. Toys are

A good friend of mine, in the midst of a similar week, smiled to me
and said, "Best years of our lives, right?" We laughed, but he's
right. Life's good. So please don't take the above paragraphs as
complaints or even vents. My MO for Huang Kid Khronicles is to call
them as I see them, and this has been the tenor of our week, for
better or worse.

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