Friday, October 10, 2008

Full Evaluation

As a follow-up to Jada's speech therapy evaluation this summer, we got
a full developmental evaluation on her. Amy and Aaron came from home
and met me and Jada at the center, which was just a block from her
school. The session focused on her speech problems but also covered
motor skills and other developmental areas. The workers there were
absolutely smitten by Jada, and found Aaron quite the looker, although
he couldn't understand why I kept shooing him into the hallway when he
horned in on Jada's battery of tests.

We'll get a full write-up in a couple of months, after which we'll
have an idea of what our options are in terms of extra support for
Jada. For now, we're glad she's made progress even since her last
evaluation, hopeful she can catch up where she's still behind, and
just as smitten as everyone else always is with our little boo. And,
by the way, we've already made plans to get Aaron an evaluation; now
he's someone we need some extra guidance figuring out where he could
use a little help.

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